Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Current measurements:
Bust (at fullest point) 47", down 2.5"
Waist 44", down 4"
Hips 54", down 3"

Current jeans size: 20 (down from 24)
Current bra size: 42DD (down from 44DD)

Last summer I gave away the vast majority of my smaller sized clothing. I had everything from 14-24 in my closet, but when a friend had gastric bypass and lost a bunch of weight I figured she would be able to make better use of the size 20 and smaller stuff. The one bummer is that I had pants that used to fit me perfect in every size down to 14. And now, it would be sooo nice to have all those so I could try them on and see how close I am to what sizes. I'm attending a clothing swap this weekend. Hopefully I can aquire some pants in various sizes. All of mine are too big, anyway.

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  1. Congrats! You are doing so awesome! Whoo! = )