Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Checking in.

I have not been posting, but I promise I've still been training!

June has been a very busy month. I've been on lockdown in my apartment sewing like a crazy person getting costumes ready for a sci-fi convention. And in the middle of all that I took a vacation for a few days in South Dakota with my family.

Now I really try to not skip workouts when I am on vacation. I make a point of taking advantage of hotel workout facilities when available when I go to conventions. In fact I think the perfect remedy for a night of partying is a good workout to sweat the toxins from the night before.

I brought my running gear with me to South Dakota, but I only managed to get one run in while I was there. It was insane! I was staying in a cabin in Hot Springs. Way out in the country. It was my first time running on gravel (interesting) and in heavy winds (yikes!). And the place I was running was very hilly. Steep hills, not the gentle hills on my normal route.

Trying to run up steep hills against a 30 mph wind? It's basically like running up against a wall.

I did manage to do a little hiking in the black hills, though, so I didn't feel too bad about missing a regular workout or two. =)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bad. ASS.

I ran my usual neighborhood loop tonight but did it in reverse so it was mostly uphill. I have not done that in ages.

My legs feel like jello right now. The rest of me feels like a badass.

Pilates: not for home use!

So the last couple weeks I have been getting up before work and doing these little mini morning workouts, in addition to whatever (biking, running, swimming) is on my training schedule for that day. Nothing heavy because I am so not a morning person. Just a short walk, and some strength and toning exercises. Maybe a couple of yoga poses if the mood takes me. Or just the exercises if I didn't get out of bed in time for a walk.

I got an email from Sparkpeople.com this morning that linked to a 12 minute pilates ab video on Youtube. I figured why not skip the boring crunches today and do a few minutes of that pilates video instead.

Bad idea! I totally pulled something in my back. This would be the second time I have gotten the hair-brained notion to do pilates at home, did it wrong, and pulled something.

No more pilates at home for now.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sorta better.

The bursitis is starting to fade. I have been doing hip stretches like crazy and they really help to alleviate the pain. They work better than stupid so-called anti-inflammatories.

Running today seemed like an awful lot of work. Not sure what the deal is. Can't seem to catch my breath. Tired out quickly.

Maybe it's the rain. Or the crappy night's sleep.


Saturday, June 5, 2010

Grr... stoopid body

I'm having a bursitis flare. A really bad one.

I was going to go for a long bike ride today. I don't think it's gonna happen now.

The pain is so bad I don't even want to move.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Almost forgot!

I dumped the boyfriend yesterday. And in all the drama, I nearly forgot to post about my awesome swim. Yesterday I did my personal best on a 500 yard swim. 14 minutes! And I was not really even trying to be fast. I was just plugging away.

I wish all my other events were going this well, lol.