Sunday, June 17, 2012


The last 2 years, since I started triathlon training in the wintertime, I thought to myself how nice it could be if i could lose 20-30 pounds by July when I attended a sci-fin convention. Both years, the con came and went and I had not lost any weight.

This year, I will most likely hit the 50 pound milestone just in time for the con. WOW! 

I decided not to do the tri this year, in part due to lack of training time and lack of funds to buy a decent bike. (I'm not suffering another 15 mile ride on a too-small bike not built for speed or comfort.)But also I really want to focus on hitting my weight loss goal, and endurance training makes you want to eat EVERYTHING IN SIGHT.

I definitely want to do it next year and see if I'm any faster once I'm not carrying an extra 80-100 pounds around.

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