Sunday, June 5, 2011

Let's go ride bikes!

This week's theme was bike adventures.

I used 5 Nice Ride bikes this week. Those bikes are heavy, but so convenient. Also I like to think I am getting stronger from riding them.

Yesterday I was on my way to a job interview (trying to get a 2nd job) and I missed my connection downtown. So I hopped on a Nice Ride bike and rode the rest of the way. I was a little...dewy... for my interview. But oh well it was hot out. I probably would have been, anyway. But the cool part was that I finally rode a bike in downtown, which I have been very afraid of doing.

Today I rode my bike across town to spectate at the Minneapolis Marathon and Half Marathon. My friend Beth was running the half and my friend Jess was running the marathon. I rode some trails and bike paths I have never been on, including a tiny section of the UNPAVED South Hiawatha LRT trail. (not fun!) I hitched a ride downtown from mile 22 to attempt to catch Jess at the finish (missed her!) and then rode home from downtown. Two days in a row riding in downtown- this time from Mill Ruins park all the way home. It was not so bad. (and also very quick- Minneapolis is not a big city) Well, except for hitting a major crack in the road on Washington. That sucked. Grr.. (tires seem fine for now)

My new bike seat is SOOOOOO much nicer than the one that got stolen last year. I really thought it was somehow my fault that I never developed better 'bike seat stamina'. My rear end always in such pain if I rode longer than half an hour. It made biking not very fun. But now I think it was not entirely my fault- it was my shitty bike seat! I think the bike part of the tri will go so much better this year.

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