Saturday, July 17, 2010

ARG!!! Frustrated.

I had a 'brick' this morning, which means I did a bike ride and then a run. Well, it was more like a bike ride followed by a long walk with brief stints of jogging mixed in. It was actually not that bad. My energy level was fine and I was not in pain or anything. I even found myself kind of liking the bike part, which is new.

But it started getting real hot towards the end and by the time I got in my apartment and under some cold running water I was kinda starting to freak out.

Some days I am not sure why I'm doing this to myself. I mean, it's not like I'm losing weight or seeing any visible results of all this pain and suffering.


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  1. I'm so in awe of your determination. You are a real inspiration for me to keep training. Don't worry about the not seeing any changes yet. I haven't been able to eat much more than yogurt for 3 weeks. Went to the surgeon for my follow up and thought I must have lost at least 10 lbs so some good would have come from it. I step on the scale and...5 lbs! Are you f***king kidding? Only 5 lbs! I hate my metabolism.