Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sometimes research is confusing.

I've done a lot of reading on triathlon training and there are a LOT of differing opinions out there.

Take the whole 'brick' workout thing. The training schedule I have says that yesterday I was supposed to do a running/biking brick, then today I am supposed to have a biking/swimming brick. (then a rest day tomorrow) Except a lot of the reading I have done says never to do more than one brick a week. Weird.


  1. It's the same deal with marathon training. There are tons of plans out there and some are contradictory. I've found it works to listen to your body and follow a plan that challenges you, but isn't unrealistic for your current abilities. Still, that means that some days you won't be following the plan to the letter. You might need to rest on a non "rest" day, or modify the workout to accommodate your current aches and pains/schedule. It's better to be "undertrained" than "overtrained" come event day.

  2. I'm glad I decided to rest yesterday and do that 2nd brick today instead. It went REALLY well. I think yesterday I would have been way too tired and then I would have felt discouraged after.