Saturday, August 13, 2011

One more sleep

Race day is tomorrow.

I slept really late today and then went to the mall. My cold seems to not be getting worse, so there's hope for tomorrow. I got some Day Quil though, just in case.

I spent some time tinkering with my bike tonight. Air in the tires. New seat post bag with a few tools and a tire patch kit. Air pump and water bottle holder attached to the frame. I put on new handle bar ends earlier this week. they make my bike look like a funny mutant, but the new height is much more comfortable.

I washed my race clothes tonight and packed my bag for tomorrow. Ran to the store to pick up some stuff for my pre-race breakfast. Then I got home and looked at the bus schedule and remembered how long it takes to get to the race course. Looks like I will be having a peanut butter sandwich on the bus instead of peanut butter toast at home. Oh well.

I should probably be in bed already. I'm nervous. Contemplating taking a NyQuil, but I don't want to feel sluggish in the morning.

Ugh... better try and get some sleep. 5am will come quicker than I'd like.

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