Friday, August 12, 2011

Two more sleeps...

Picked up my race packet tonight. I wasn't planning to attend the course talk but ended up arriving just as the 6pm one was about to start so decided to stay. Briefly chatted with a first-timer. She seemed encouraged that I had enough fun last year that I decided to come back.

Well, I don't know if fun is the right word. I found the event itself grueling. Especially since my bike caused me so much pain. (should be better this year) But at the same time it is... gratifying? Empowering? Definitely rewarding. I enjoy the "Wonder Woman" feeling afterwards. I enjoy the feeling of camaraderie I get when I see other athletes cheering each other on. Since I'm not very speedy, I get the enjoyment of watching people's ages as they run pass me on the run course. (we all get our ages marked on the back of our leg before we start) I happen to love being passed up by women old enough to be my mom. I like to hope that getting into fitness in my 30s will ensure that I can still be active well past my 50s.

The event website has this "I tri" motto. If someone were to ask me why "I tri", I would say, I do it because I CAN. There was a time in my life when I never would have thought I could do something like this. How many great experiences do we miss out on simply because we think to ourselves "oh, I could never do that." ?

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