Friday, August 3, 2012

Pain is weird. Bodies are weird.

I have been experiencing some pain in my knees for the last few months. For the most part it's low grade acheyness not even bad enough to medicate. Sometimes it's worse and I take Aleve. I have been considering seeing a chiropractor or doctor, but I'm procrastinating.

Last week I got really motivated to earn some extra activity points. So I went for a couple of walks and I noticed my knees started feeling a little... better.  The last 12 days or so I have done something active every day and my knees are hurting drastically less than they have been. This seems counterintuitive. I exercise MORE and somehow I hurt LESS?

Confusing. And amazing.

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  1. Warning: If you bring up this topic around my husband he will talk at you for hours!; )

    He's always talking about how not wanting to move is what keeps a lot of people in pain.