Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy birthday to me.

Two years ago I remember sitting in my therapist's office around the time of my birthday, I was all motivated and determined I was going to drop 5 pants sizes by my next birthday. I started a diet and lasted I think 6 weeks. A diet that made me depressed and caused crippling anxiety attacks- not to mention triggering some terrible binge eating.

Two years and life has changed a lot. I have managed to drop a few sizes. (from a 24 to almost a 16 now) Also, I'm not seeing the therapist anymore. Yay, sanity!

After that failed diet 2 years ago, I actually worked with my therapist on some of the emotional ties to food and weight. I am convinced that the work we did laid the foundation for my later success with Weight Watchers. While WW is definitely the plan that works best for the way I eat and live, I don't think I could have been successful on any plan without some major emotional tidying up. I'm glad I did it. I truly believe, now through my experiences, that you can't really be physically healthy if you are not emotionally healthy.

So cheers to turning 34 and being on the road to very, very good health.

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