Friday, September 14, 2012


FINALLY hit the 60 pound mark today. After 2 months of the most agonizing plateau, which I truly hope is over thank you very much.

As of today I am 227 pounds. My stated goal on WW is 195, because I just wanted to be under 200. My real goal is to wear a size 14/16, and in January I had no idea what weight I would need to be to achieve that. I have a feeling those goals will more or less coincide now.

Oh man... it's not over yet but the finish line is sooooo close.


  1. So awesome! Upping your strength training might be helpful (classes like bodypump, I'd go with you schedule permitting). As you build muscle mass you're body burns calories more efficiently and you'll also burn more at rest.

    1. I have been telling myself I needed to start strength training again. But I have been procrastinating.