Tuesday, February 9, 2010

And so it begins.

So... where to start. Last spring I got this crazy idea to try running and got roped into doing a 5k. I am the least athletic person you will ever meet, so the idea of running at all much less in a race was pretty hilarious. But I had been trying for a while to get in better shape so I figured why not. I did the 5k and it was so fun! Even though I totally sucked. (48 or so minutes, which is about a 16 minute mile) For me it was not about getting an awesome time, but more about proving to myself I could do it at all.

Well the 5k was so fun that I got this crazy idea to do a triathlon. To be more specific, the YWCA women's triathlon. Which is here in Minneapolis in August. About six months from now.

I am starting at a huge disadvantage. For one thing, I am WELL over 250 pounds. Not sure what I weight at the moment, as my crappy IKEA scale only goes up to 266 and I amscared to weight myself at the gym. I just don't want to know. Even at my height of 5'7", that is really overweight. I'm also coming back from almost 2 months of not working out. My brother died right after Thanksgiving and I kinda stopped working out and started eating a lot of junk. Before he passed away I'd made it to the gym at least 12 times a month for a solid year (except for that one month when I had surgery). In the tail end of January I started making it back to the gym again. But I'm defnitely not where I was when I ran my 5k on Halloween. (I was hovering around 248 then)

So maybe I'm crazy, and maybe I'm a total masochist but I am not going to let all that stop me. I started 'official' training on Feb.1. Well, official for me. I'm not working with a trainer or anything. For the next couple months my plan is to complete the Couch to 5k running program to get used to running again. And also to do lots of swimming and biking on my non-running days.

It's winter here in Minnesota, so most of this stuff is going to be done in the gym until the snow goes away. I already can't wait to be running outside.

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