Friday, February 12, 2010

Stoopid scale...

The last 3 weeks I have made a concerted effort to not eat crap. I'm not so much "dieting" as I just wanted to change all the bad habits that sort of crept into my routine the last few months. No more sodas. No more greasy breakfast sandwiches. No more living on fattening delivery food.

The last few weeks has been all about whole grains and fruit and lean protein. And honestly right now I miss the cigarettes more than the pizza and Mountain Dew.

But 3 weeks of healthy eating and regular workouts and... just no results. Pants still tight. I have been to the gym 8 times already this month. And I don't have a car so I do a lot of walking in addition to my scheduled workouts. (and with all the snow on the ground, walking anywhere is no easy task!)

This whole project is not really about losing weight so much as it's about being healthy. But I admit I really want to at least lose the pounds I've put on since my brother died. If anything because I am officially the heaviest I've ever been and I don't want to go buy bigger pants.


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  1. With any sudden change in diet, our bodies tend to "hold on" to that extra weight as a way of preparing for starvation. You can thank the cave ladies for that.

    The good news is that you're slowly replacing fat with muscle, which weighs slightly more. In time -- and probably short time at that -- you'll find inches disappearing from your tush and arms and thighs. So while you may weight the same, or slightly less, you'll be several inches leaner and more toned. You'll also notice things like your ability to breathe has improved and your food cravings will have changed.

    Keep it up! I think you're doing great and that you'll see the results you want pretty quickly.