Thursday, April 29, 2010

In other news... BOOBS!

This might be TMI but since I'm not even sure anyone is reading this, who cares right?

I am in dire need of a new sports bra. Which makes me sad because the current one was really awesome. It was like, the Cadillac of sports bras. (in case anyone's reading/curious, it's the Cacique Ultimate Sports Bra from Lane Bryant) Padded straps, underwire, and all made from moisture-wicking microfiber. And even though it minimizes, it still looks pretty. Overall, pretty fabulous.

When you are a 44 C/D you can't be buying those little tank-toppy, uniboob things from Target. They are just not enough support. Especially for running.

Of course buying the Cadillac of sports bras means paying for the Cadillac of sports bras. Lane Bryant's site currently lists the bra for $38. (but hey if I buy 2 I get one free)

Geez. I just spent $90 on new running shoes and socks. Plus the new bike lock. And the bike will be needing tune up and probably a new seat. And now a new bra, too?

Fitness is NOT CHEAP.

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