Monday, April 26, 2010

New Shoes

New running shoes have been procured. I bought the same kind as before. Asics. The last pair served me well, and for $85 are not too badly priced.

I bought my shoes at the Running Room on Hennepin. I tried to go to Foot Locker yesterday but the sales guy was such a douche. Not only did he know ZIP about running shoes, he was very insistently trying to sell me the most expensive shoes even though they were completely wrong for me. When I asked to buy a new pair of my same old shoes he claimed they were "out" of my size. Sure they were. *eye roll*

My ankles have this tendency to roll on me. (I think it's called pronating or something) I broke my right ankle 6 years ago because of that very tendency. My Asics have this wicked wide base that prevents the rolling. I tried to explain that to the Foot Locker guy. But he seemed to think that the only think that mattered in a running shoe was the comfort and color. Um.... no.

So lesson learned. I will only be buying my running shoes from the pros. And for the record my shoes cost the same at Running Room as they would have at Foot Locker.

Oh, and also I can't believe *I* actually WORE OUT a pair of running shoes. OMG, yay me! It's weird because they don't look terribly worn but they feel it. I can feel the concrete when I run outside, and it HURTS.

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