Thursday, April 29, 2010

Yikes, bikes!

Finally got out on the new bike today. I've been hitting the stationary bikes at the gym on a regular basis for months. Which is super BORING. I really thought riding outside would be nicer.

What I did not count on is that it would be so much tougher!

I have not been on a real bike since last fall. Last year I'd actually gotten pretty good at the whole bike thing. Maybe not super speedy, but I could get around OK and I had gotten into the groove of running errands and stuff on my bike.

I got my bike outside and the first thing I noticed was how shaky I was. I knew that would wear off, it did last spring too. But still it's a weird sensation.

I took off down my street and headed for the Greenway entrance. I only had an hour for lunch today so my plan was to ride as far as I could for 20 minutes then turn around and head home. Silly, silly ambitious me. After only 10 minutes I had to stop. My legs felt like spaghetti and my ass was killing me. (I am pretty sure that skinny people don't have this problem. But when you weigh over 250, bike seats hurt your butt.) But I was determined to get a decent workout in. So back on the bike and down the Greenway I went.

Extreme ass pain aside, it was a nice little ride. I discovered a better entrance to the Greenway, through a community garden path. No more lugging my bike on stairs! And it's hard to be grumpy on the Greenway. There are lots of flowers and plants. and everyone who passes you smiles and says hello. Or at least nods. I swear, in this city riding a bike is like joining some sort of club.

The return trip was much better. In part because once I got off the Greenway, the whole ride home was downhill so I can pretty much coast for 6 blocks. (though the 6 blocks uphill may have contributed to the spaghetti legs)

I have a feeling I am going to be sore tomorrow. I seem to recall last spring being a bit sore all over after my first bike ride. I'm already feeling it a little.

Today's lesson: Cardio machines at the gym are a poor replacement for the real thing!!!

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