Thursday, January 26, 2012

Bread? Who needs bread?

One of my favorite lunches lately has been tuna salad. But instead of putting it on a sandwich, I scoop it up with celery sticks. My tuna salad recipe (made with fat free mayo, capers, dill and red onion) is only 3 points. Celery is zero points, and honestly a lot more filling than sandwich bread (2-3 points per slice!). Add a piece of fruit and maybe a couple of pickles, and I get a huge healthy lunch for only 3 points. It's become my favorite "I'm going out after work so I need to conserve my points" meal.

Speaking of going out. I have discovered a few things. First, sweet potatoes are a great thing to eat before going out for drinks. Being on WW has already altered my alcohol tolerance a bit, and I've noticed that a tummy full of veggies is not a great "base" for booze. I have also started getting in the habit of not having a drink with my meals. It's a smarter use of points to sip water while I eat, and have the wine afterwards when I can enjoy it more. This is especially useful at home. It's just way too easy to drink a glass or two of wine while cooking, then one with my meal, then maybe two or more afterwards while I'm watching some Netflix or mucking around on Facebook. Pre WW, I could quite easily polish off a bottle of wine by myself in one evening (and be surprisingly not drunk).

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