Friday, January 27, 2012

Why this works.

I am sitting here after a night out drinking with friends, nomming on a hot pocket and some baked potato chips. And I am not blowing my "diet".

I budgeted my points really well today. I was planning to attend a scotch tasting and I wanted lots of points for that. Plus a few more for a late-night snack. I ended up not drinking as much as I thought I would, and did not indulge in any fatty bar food. So when I got home tonight I had loads of points to use up. And since WW online says I am losing too fast, my goal this week is to use all my points each day, and not be stingy with activity and weekly points. So I hit up the corner store for a proper post-bar snack. Because proper post-bar food is always bad for you.

Sure it was a hot pocket and not a whole pizza. And sure it was baked chips and not Doritos. But I got to do something totally normal- a late night snack attack- and still stayed on plan. That's why I feel like this is going to work for me. I get to live a normal life.

This is pretty cool.

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