Sunday, January 15, 2012

What foods are worth the points.

I finished eating an omelette: 3 eggs, mushrooms, mozarella cheese, and a points value of 8. And now I am sitting here, sipping my coffee, still hungry, and thinking that 8 points should have been more satisfying. Next time I'm skipping the cheese.

I have this desire for every point to be as satisfying as possible. Part of why I have been eating greek yogurt for breakfast every morning (for example) is that I can have yogurt and coffee and maybe some fruit and be full until lunchtime, and I only used 4 points.

Yesterday I decided to save up my points and have a really awesome dinner. A calzone and a brownie from Davanni's. The calzone, a whopping 24 points. The brownie, 7 points. While the calzone was tasty, it was not very filling. Like at all. I could easily have eaten two of them. The brownie was good, though.

I'm kind of on a mission to find the junk food item that is the best "value" for days when I feel like having a calorie fest. The calzone is not a winner. So far the Chicken Mc Nugget is leading the pack at 13 points for a 10 piece.

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