Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Down 3 pounds since last week! That's a total of 5 pounds. Woohoo!!!

Two weeks on WW have been survived. I have consumed a fair amount of alcohol. I have even consumed fast food. I have barely cooked.

I have also NOT gone to bed hungry, had an anxiety attack, or a fit of diet rage (wherein I hate the world because I have to bust my ass to lose weight). Keep in mind the last time I tried WW, I gave up after 3 weeks.

I did have to laugh at the WW website today, though. I entered in my new weight and it was all "Congratulations on your first 5 pounds!" and then it calculates my new daily point target. Yep, congrats on your weight loss, you now get one less point per day. Boo! (I mean, I know I well get fewer and fewer but damn that is not a reward)

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