Thursday, January 12, 2012

One splurge won't blow it.

Life gets busy. You can't always plan every second. And life being life, you don't always want to responsible all the time.

This appears to be my theme this week. Dealing with a busy schedule and trying to manage the whole WW thing and make it with a life that defies planning.

On Tuesday I tried to save up my points because I had a date that evening. I knew I'd be having a drink or two, for sure. But I didn't really know how the evening would play out. I didn't want to be that girl- the one who won't eat because she's on a diet. I ended up not using a whole lot of points. I didn't go to bed hungry, but I woke up feeling not so good.

Yesterday I had a busy day of running around with a friend getting ready for an event. At one point she suggested getting Mc Donalds. I was just hungry enough that I kinda didn't care about the points values of the food. But when I got home, it turned out that I only went over my target for the day by a few points. And since I had not used any weekly or activity points, my diet was not blown. I think that's a great thing about WW. The knowledge that one splurge is not going to blow it.

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