Saturday, January 28, 2012


POPchips are very yummy. Very light and crispy and potato-y. I think they are actually better than regular potato chips. And they come in several flavors.

They are 3 points per serving and 3 servings in a bag. I ate a whole bag tonight while I watched a movie. That was 9 points of barbecue-flavored deliciousness, and worth every point. And I got to feel like some sort of decadent, eating a whole bag of snacks.

I am sure that I must look ridiculous at the store, calculating WW points with my little phone app. But it's kinda fascinating to analyze food labels now. And finding the most "bang for my buck" points-wise has kinda become like a game.

I'm glad I have this blog. I have no idea if anyone's reading it, but if I was writing about all this WW stuff on my Facebook or my Livejournal I think I would have no friends left by the time I got to my goal weight. I suppose I could join the discussions on the WW board but honestly I have not drunk enough of the WW koolaid yet. Over there it's like a competition for who can be the biggest health nut and people trying to convince themselves that frozen grapes are an actual good snack. (as if) I may be drinking less and eating a ridiculous amount of produce, but I feel most satisfied when I figure out ways to eat and drink what I like and still fit it into this plan. I don't think I'm *supposed* to be jazzed about the fact that one serving of wine is 4 points and 2 servings is 7 points (it's magical WW math).


  1. i'm reading :)

    my sister is also doing weight watchers at the moment, and sharing a lot of recipes on pinterest. looks intriguing!

  2. Yay!

    When I got home today I actually did look up the points value of brie. It's 3 points per ounce. And brie is a very, very heavy cheese.